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East Seaton is owned by Mr Lochart Porter and wife Debbie.


46ha Strawberries
16ha Raspberries
6ha Blackberries
18ha Blueberries


20 Full time staff
(8 Scottish, 12 Eastern Europeans)
400 Seasonal Workers 24 Packhouse staff

About us

East Seaton Farm FruitEast Seaton Farm is part of the grower group Angus Growers and is cooperating with Angus Soft Fruits, a company specialising in the production and sale of soft fruit.

Click here to visit Angus Soft Fruits website.

The farm comprises 400 acres of grade 2 sandy silt loam soil, on which barley, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are grown.

As a producer of the finest quality fruit, East Seaton supplies the major supermarkets in UK.


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The farm provides work and accommodation for over 400 workers during the season and 20 permanent staff. Accommodation is in caravans based on the farm. There are facilities such as a laundrette, games room, football pitch, TV room and BBQ areas.

Arbroath MapThe farm is located in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland. Arbroath is in the county of Angus and is 17 miles (25km) east of Dundee. The farm is surrounded by Seaton Cliffs Nature Trail, beautiful red sandstone cliffs and the North Sea.

Arbroath is a bustling seaside town which is still home to an active fishing industry, and there are many restaurants, pubs and shops on hand. The local delicacy, the Arbroath Smokie (traditionally smoked haddock), is not to be missed.

Arbroath AbbeyThe town is dominated by Arbroath Abbey, where the famous Declaration of Arbroath (signifying Scotland's independence from England) was signed in 1320.

The Signal Tower Museum is well worth a visit, and there are also several operators who organise pleasure cruises or fishing trips out of Arbroath harbour.

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