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East Seaton is owned by Mr Lochart Porter and wife Debbie.


46ha Strawberries
16ha Raspberries
6ha Blackberries
18ha Blueberries


20 Full time staff
(8 Scottish, 12 Eastern Europeans)
400 Seasonal Workers 24 Packhouse staff


New AVA Varieties

We, at East Seaton Farm have been very lucky to be growing 6 brand new varieties of AVA™ Berries, that have been bred in-house by Angus Soft Fruits Ltd. The new strawberry varieties are called, AVA™ Joy, AVA™ Blush, AVA™ Surprise and AVA™ Star. The new raspberry varieties are called AVA™ Sunrise and AVA™ Sunset. All of these new varieties have been bred for their exceptional flavour and their high yields. We have been thrilled to grow them and continue to delight our customers each and every day with our delicious fruit.

Soft Fruit Grower of the Year 2010: LM Porter, East Seaton Farm

East Seaton Farm was created as a soft fruit farm in 1991 by Lochart and Debbie Porter. To maximise soft fruit production on this exposed coastal Scottish farm, different techniques have been used to lengthen the natural growing season, giving the business the ability to target and fulfil niche supermarket requirements.

Key goals included the production of top-class fruit as economically as possible, the creation of a production curve guaranteeing consistent supply, the maximisation of worker output, the creation of a portfolio of different soft fruits and ensuring the security of protection structures on an exposed and volatile site.

Unable to find tunnels on the market that could meet its needs, the farm trialled and developed its own "Seaton System" — a low pitched tunnel with plastic ploughed into the soil giving strength and good sealing to maximise heat and fruit grown on a peat-based substrate.

This system allowed strawberries to be produced in early May and a second crop in late August — and in turn Scottish raspberries in late May through to late September.

Meanwhile, the ability to manage the growing environment allowed new reduced pesticide and pesticide-free techniques to be introduced for the production of Good Natured Fruit — now branded and released onto supermarket shelves - and participation in environmental schemes such as Operation Bumblebee.

The farm, as part of the Angus Soft Fruits group set up by Porter that supplies 10 per cent of the strawberries and 40 per cent of the raspberries eaten in the UK, has also now expanded into blueberry production. This involved manipulating the farm's predominantly 6.5ph loam soil to 4.5ph high organic matter soil by converting farm machinery to apply peat and mulch.

Plantations of an early blackberry, Karaka Black, in a Seaton tunnel fruiting from June to August then an overlap of Loch Ness in a cooler multi-span gives the farm a full season finishing at the end of October.

In all, the farm is now producing 1,450 tonnes of soft fruit including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries over a six-month harvest period for the major multiples.

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