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East Seaton is owned by Mr Lochart Porter and wife Debbie.


46ha Strawberries
16ha Raspberries
6ha Blackberries
18ha Blueberries


20 Full time staff
(8 Scottish, 12 Eastern Europeans)
400 Seasonal Workers 24 Packhouse staff

Our crops

The season on the farm starts in April and finishes in November. The main jobs starting from spring are: planting, weeding, separation of flowers and leaves, leaf trimming, pruning, runner cutting, cleaning, strawing, grass cutting, tunnel construction and tunnel covering. Picking starts in May and finishes in November. Careful planning and variety selection ensures continuous picking throughout the season.













































Strawberries (46 ha on tabletops)

100% of the strawberry area is in tunnels and planted on tabletops,which makes picking easier and improves fruit quality. Strawberry varieties grown on the farm are: AVA, Elsanta and Sonata, Islay and Ava-Rosa.

Baby AVAAVA –Is a unique variety, grown only within the Angus Soft Fruits group, noted for its delicious taste, fruity aroma, white petals and its heart shape. To find out more click the logo on the left.


Elsanta – Is still UK’s most popular variety thirty years after its initial release. It has superb fruit quality and excellent shelf life. The medium to large, firm, orange-red fruit is the variety’s greatest asset.

Sonata – The most promising Dutch selection to be released since Elsanta in 1981. The bright red, glossy, uniform fruit has an excellent texture and flavour. The berries are an attractive conical shape and have good shelf life. Yield of Class 1 fruit is superior.

Raspberries (16 ha)

All raspberries are grown in tunnels in pots. The main variety grown is Scottish Glen Ample, along with Polka and Erika.

Glen Ample - fruit are large, fleshy and bright red in colour. Berries are firm with large drupelets and an excellent flavour. Canes are spine-free. Fruiting laterals are long and very upright with sparse foliage, resulting in excellent fruit presentation.

Blackberries (6 ha)

All blackberries are grown in the soil in tunnels which provide a good environment for picking. Laterals are supported which expose fruit.

Karaka black – is an early season hybrid berry bred in New Zealand. The attractive, big, shiny fruits are well displayed and easy to pick. These dark black fruits are very firm and have an outstanding shelf life.

Loch Ness - Large, glossy black and blunt-conical in shape. Firm and pleasantly sharp in flavour, the fruit has an excellent storage capability. Vigorous, sturdy shoots. Spine-free, semi-erect becoming more erect in older plants. Fruiting laterals usually about 30 cm long, strong but flexible and with white flowers.

Blueberries (18 ha)

All blueberries are grown in the soil of which 2 hectares are in the tunnels.

Several blueberry varieties are grown on the farm, principally Bluecrop and Brigitta. Other varieties are Ozarkblue, Aurora and Duke.

Bluecrop – The light blue berries are large, firm and gathered in clusters. It is a vigorous shrub with an upright habit.

Brigitta – The berries are large, firm and gathered in loose clusters, very tasty and richly flavoured with a crisp texture. The fruit retains its freshness well when kept in cold storage.

Plant varieties grown on the farm are carefully selected to ensure that there are only highest quality and healthy crops. New techniques are developed to grow fruit in tune with Mother Nature and some crops are grown without use of pesticides.

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